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by Marvin Halelamien

-- posted July 12, 2009 --

Jeff Johnson has sent out 250 resumes since January and has had three interviews. He is still looking for a job and is not alone.

by Jeremiah Wilson

-- posted Sept 12, 2008 --

Bikers rev their engines at 9:11pm during an event to commemorate those who died on Septmber 11, 2001.

by Bryan Bosch

-- posted Sept 07, 2008 --

Nancy Tetens has dieted and lost weight before, but would gain it all back. This time she's "Sticking with it."

by Miranda Harple

-- posted May 12, 2008 --

Jocelyn Fisher was diagnosed with Leukemia in April 2007. In May of the following year she moved back home.

by Miranda Harple

-- posted March 31, 2008 --

Historians, dressed in 19th century clothing, teach visitors at the annual Maple Syrup Festival how pioneers made maple sugar.

by Miranda Harple

-- posted February 29, 2008 --

Area residents and Greenpeace activists unfurled a banner during rush hour in downtown Monroe Thursday afternoon to try to urge greater congressional action to curb global warming.

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